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State of Decay
Doctor Who, episode 113 (18.4)

Last Modified: 10 Jun 2012 09:39:04

Tom Baker   IMDB   The Doctor
Lalla Ward   IMDB   Romana
Matthew Waterhouse   IMDB   Adric
John Leeson   IMDB   Voice of K-9
Guest Cast:
Dean Allen   IMDB   Karl
Thane Bettany   IMDB   Tarak
Rachel Davies   IMDB   Camilla
Stacy Davies   IMDB   Veros
Clinton Greyn   IMDB   Ivo
Arthur Hewlett   IMDB   Kalmar
Emrys James   IMDB   Aukon
Rhoda Lewis   IMDB   Marta
William Lindsay   IMDB   Zargo
Iain Rattray   IMDB   Habris
DVD   Doctor Who DVD #113: State of Decay

The last of the great vampires prepares to return.
The Doctor, Romana, K9 and Adric - an Outler from Alzarius who has stowed away aboard the TARDIS - arrive on a planet where the native villagers live in fear of 'the Wasting' and of three Lords named Zargo, Camilla and Aukon who rule from an imposing Tower. The Lords are soon revealed to be vampire servants of the last of the Great Vampires, a race referred to in Time Lord mythology.

The Great Vampire is about to be revived from its resting place beneath the Tower - in fact the spaceship in which the Lords, in their original human forms, came to E-Space - but the Doctor launches one of the ship's three shuttle craft and it pierces the heart of the creature, killing it. The Lords, deprived of their master, crumble to dust.

By The Television Companion on 23 Oct 2003 21:51:15
Following on from the excellent Full Circle, State of Decay is another story that - apart from a single unsuccessful model shot in Part Four - looks absolutely superb on screen, as Rosemary Fowler described in Oracle Volume 3 Number 9, dated May 1981::

'The whole production was given a definite atmosphere of gloom and foreboding by the darkly lit sets of the Tower, and the sumptuous, though sombre, dark grey and red costumes of the "Three Who Rule". I really liked their medieval-style robes...

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