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Full Circle
Doctor Who, episode 112 (18.3)

Last Modified: 10 Jun 2012 09:39:00

Tom Baker   IMDB   The Doctor
Lalla Ward   IMDB   Romana
Matthew Waterhouse   IMDB   Adric
John Leeson   IMDB   Voice of K-9
Guest Cast:
George Baker   IMDB   Login
Alan Rowe   IMDB   Garif
Leonard Maguire   IMDB   Draith
James Bree   IMDB   Nefred
Tony Calvin   IMDB   Dexeter
Richard Willis   IMDB   Varsh
Bernard Padden   IMDB   Tylos
June Page   IMDB   Keara
Andrew Forbes   IMDB   Omril
Adrian Gibbs   IMDB   Rysik
DVD   Doctor Who DVD #112: Full Circle

Will the crew of the starliner ever leave Alzarius?
The TARDIS falls through a CVE into E-Space and arrives on the planet Alzarius. There the inhabitants of a crashed Starliner and a group of young rebels called the Outlers, led by a boy named Varsh and including his brother Adric, are being terrorised by a race of Marshmen who emerge from the marshes at a time known as Mistfall.

The Doctor discovers that the Starliner's inhabitants are not the descendants of its original crew, as has been claimed by their leaders the Deciders, but evolved Marshmen. With the Time Lord's help and encouragement, the Starliner is repaired and able to leave the planet.

By The Television Companion on 23 Oct 2003 21:51:14
After the major disappointment of Meglos, the eighteenth season gets back on track with Full Circle. As Peter Anghelides put it in TARDIS Volume 5 Number 6 in 1981:: 'The new season promised much, and in Full Circle all the hopes of an excellent set of new stories have been realised. What makes it all the more impressive is that it is what might be defined as a "fan story", written by someone with a knowledge [of] and an obvious regard for the show.' Andrew Smith was indeed the first fan of...

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