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Doctor Who, episode 96 (15.5)

Last Modified: 10 Jun 2012 09:34:57

Tom Baker   IMDB   The Doctor
Louise Jameson   IMDB   Leela
DVD   Doctor Who DVD #096: Underworld

Can the Minyans recover their race banks from the the P7E?
The TARDIS arrives on a Minyan space craft, the R1C, commanded by a man named Jackson. Jackson and his crew are on a long quest to recover the Minyan race banks from a ship called the P7E which left their planet centuries ago. The Doctor helps to free the R1C after it becomes buried in a meteorite storm, but it then crashes into another newly-formed planet.

Inside the planet is a system of caves at the heart of which is the P7E. The P7E's computer, the Oracle, was programmed to protect the race banks but subsequently went insane and - with the aid of its robotic servants, the Seers - imposed its rule upon the Minyan survivors and their descendants. It allows Jackson to take what appear to be the race banks, but they are actually imitations containing fission grenades.

The Doctor realises the deception and obtains the genuine race banks. He then tricks the Oracle's guards into taking the grenades back to their leader. The resulting explosion destroys the planet and the P7E and boosts the R1C off on a voyage to Minyos II, carrying with it the Minyan survivors.

By The Television Companion on 23 Oct 2003 21:50:28
It has sometimes been suggested that Doctor Who is at its best when its roots are showing. Those who hold that view would no doubt find much to admire in Underworld. 'Bob Baker and Dave Martin's second story for the fifteenth season... is one of a long line... with an uncredited extra author,' suggested Andrew Martin in In-Vision Issue 28, dated November 1990. 'In this case it is not the script editor or another trusted, experienced writer but the generations of Greek storytellers who created...

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