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Planet of the Daleks
Doctor Who, episode 68 (10.4)

Last Modified: 10 Jun 2012 09:31:12

Jon Pertwee   IMDB   The Doctor
Katy Manning   IMDB   Jo Grant
DVD   Doctor Who DVD #068: Planet of the Daleks

The Doctor must battle invisible Daleks on the planet Spiridon.
The TARDIS materialises in a hostile jungle on the planet Spiridon. Jo sets out alone to find help for the Doctor, who has fallen into a coma. She meets a party of Thals and is left in hiding aboard their crashed spaceship while they go to the Doctor's aid. The Time Lord, now recovered, learns of their mission to destroy a party of Daleks sent here to discover the native Spiridons' secret of invisibility.

Another Thal spaceship crash-lands in the jungle, and the survivors bring news that somewhere on Spiridon there is an army of ten thousand Daleks. Jo meanwhile meets a friendly Spiridon named Wester, who cures a deadly fungus disease that she has contracted.

It transpires that the Daleks' army is frozen in suspended animation in a cavern below their base. The Doctor, with the help of the Thals, explodes a bomb in the cavern wall and thereby causes one of the planet's natural ice volcanoes to erupt, entombing the army in a torrent of liquid ice.

The newly-arrived Dalek Supreme and his aides are left stranded on Spiridon as the Thals steal their ship and the Doctor and Jo depart in the TARDIS.

By The Television Companion on 23 Oct 2003 21:49:30
The observation most often made by reviewers about Planet of the Daleks is that it is virtually a rewrite of the first Dalek story from 1963/64. There is certainly a good deal of truth in this. Once again the Doctor is seen to aid a group of Thals in an attack on a gleaming Dalek base. In place of a petrified forest, a lake of mutations and a treacherous cave system they are faced with a hostile jungle, a lake of 'liquid ice' and, as before, a treacherous cave system. Again the Doctor's...

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