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Day of the Daleks
Doctor Who, episode 60 (9.1)

Last Modified: 10 Jun 2012 09:30:47

Jon Pertwee   IMDB   The Doctor
Katy Manning   IMDB   Jo Grant
DVD   Doctor Who DVD #060: Day of the Daleks

Terrorists from the future try to save the Earth from the Daleks.
Sir Reginald Styles, organiser of a world peace conference, narrowly survives an assassination attempt by a combat-uniformed guerrilla who vanishes like a ghost. Later the guerrilla is attacked by huge, ape-like creatures called Ogrons and found unconscious by UNIT troops in the grounds of the house. The Doctor deduces that he comes from about two hundred years in the future and that a device found with him is a time machine.

While Styles is away, the Doctor and Jo keep watch. The guerrillas attack again, but the Time Lord convinces them that he is not Styles. One of their party, Shura, is later injured by an Ogron.

Jo meanwhile accidentally activates one of the guerrillas' time machines and is transported to the 22nd Century. When the guerrillas return there, the Doctor goes with them. He learns that the Earth of this period is ruled by the Daleks with the help of the Ogrons and human collaborators, whose leader is known as the Controller. Jo and the Doctor are both taken prisoner at the Dalek base.

The guerrillas rescue them and explain that they are attempting to kill Styles because he caused an explosion at the peace conference, starting a series of wars that left humanity vulnerable to Dalek conquest - a history that they wish to change. The Doctor realises that the explosion was actually caused by Shura in a misguided attempt to fulfil his mission.

Returning to the 20th Century with Jo, he has Styles' house evacuated. Daleks and Ogrons arrive in pursuit, but are destroyed when Shura detonates his bomb.

By The Television Companion on 23 Oct 2003 21:49:22
The long-awaited return of the Daleks is very welcome indeed; and the fact that Day of the Daleks happens to be something of a minor classic is an added bonus. 'From the start to the end,' wrote Mike Ashcroft in Oracle Volume 3 Number 5, dated February/March 1980, 'the story was utter entertainment to me.'

For a series in which time travel plays such a crucial role, Doctor Who had previously dwelt surprisingly little on the possible implications and ramifications of moving through the...

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