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Spearhead from Space
Doctor Who, episode 51 (7.1)

Last Modified: 31 Mar 2016 14:24:48

Jon Pertwee   IMDB   The Doctor
Caroline John   IMDB   Liz Shaw
Guest Cast:
Talfryn Thomas   IMDB   Mullins
DVD   Doctor Who DVD #051: Spearhead from Space

Killer shop dummies stalk the streets as evil alien plastic invades.
The TARDIS arrives on Earth in the middle of a meteorite shower and the Doctor is found by UNIT troops and taken to a nearby hospital. The Brigadier is faced with having to cope not only with the mysterious meteorites but also with Ransome, an ex-employee of a local plastics factory, who claims he has seen a walking mannequin.

The meteorites turn out to be hollow globes containing the Nestene consciousness, a disembodied alien intelligence with an affinity for plastic. A Nestene agent, Channing, has infiltrated the plastics factory and is using energy from the globes to animate Autons - mannequin-like figures and realistic replicas of senior establishment figures - with the aim of colonising the Earth.

Aided by newly-recruited UNIT scientist Dr Elizabeth Shaw, the Doctor thwarts this scheme by repelling the Nestene consciousness into space and thereby neutralising the Autons and the monstrous tentacled form that it has been creating for itself in a tank within the factory. Channing, revealed to be no more than a sophisticated Auton, is likewise deactivated.

By The Television Companion on 23 Oct 2003 21:48:50
It is apparent from the first few seconds of the opening episode of Spearhead from Space that Doctor Who has changed. Gone are the moody black and white swirls and in come new and vibrantly coloured patterns of glowing lines. The Doctor's face appears and then vanishes, and the patterns twist and spin in time with the hypnotic music. Then... something is approaching the Earth, something alien... and inevitably the Doctor has to be involved somehow.

Spearhead from Space boasts a number of...

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