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The Dominators
Doctor Who, episode 44 (6.1)

Last Modified: 10 Jun 2012 09:29:05

Patrick Troughton   IMDB   The Doctor
Fraser Hines   IMDB   Jamie McCrimmon
Wendy Padbury   IMDB   Zoe Herriot
DVD   Doctor Who DVD #044: The Dominators

The Dominators conduct cruel experiments on the peaceful world of Dulkis.
The TARDIS materialises on the planet Dulkis, currently under threat from two alien Dominators, Rago and his subordinate Toba, who have landed in a spaceship.

Aided by their robotic servants, the Quarks, and slave workers drawn from the native Dulcian population, the Dominators set about drilling bore holes, through which they plan to fire rockets into the planet's molten core. Their intention is then to drop an atomic seed capsule into the resulting eruption, turning Dulkis into a radioactive mass - fuel for the Dominators' space fleet.

The Dulcian Councillors, being pacifists, refuse to retaliate, although Cully, the rebellious son of their leader Senex, has already joined forces with the time travellers. The Doctor eventually defeats the Dominators by intercepting the seed capsule as it is dropped and placing it on board their ship, which is then destroyed shortly after take off.

Dulkis suffers only a minor volcanic eruption, as a result of the rockets fired into its magma.

By The Television Companion on 23 Oct 2003 21:48:43
The Dominators makes a disappointingly lacklustre start to the sixth season. 'We are faced with nothing more terrifying than a couple of intergalactic bully boys with very large chips on their shoulders,' complained David Miller in DWB No. 82, dated October 1990. 'The plot (for want of a better word)... goes something like this. Some nasty men in strange costumes land their flying saucer on the planet Dulkis. They get out, stamp about, shout a bit and generally duff up the indigenous...

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