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The Ark
Doctor Who, episode 23 (3.6)

Last Modified: 10 Jun 2012 09:25:24

William Hartnell   IMDB   The Doctor
Peter Purves   IMDB   Steven Taylor
DVD   Doctor Who DVD #023: The Ark

Dodo's cold causes havoc for the last men and their one-eyed monsters.
The TARDIS arrives some ten million years in the future on a giant spaceship carrying all the Earth's surviving plant, animal and human life (much of it miniaturised and in suspended animation) on a 700 year voyage to a new home on the planet Refusis II. Dodo is suffering from a cold - an unknown affliction in this era - and as the human Guardians of the ship and their servant race the Monoids have no resistance, a plague breaks out.

The Guardians place the travellers on trial and Steven is forced to defend them against allegations that they spread the disease deliberately. Fortunately, the Doctor finds a cure. The TARDIS leaves the spaceship, which Dodo has nicknamed the Ark, only to arrive back there as it is approaching the end of its voyage. Partly as a result of the earlier plague, the Monoids have now grown strong and enslaved the humans.

They plan to make Refusis II their own but, with the help of the invisible Refusians, the Doctor is able to persuade the two races to live together in peace.

By The Television Companion on 23 Oct 2003 21:48:08
The idea of a giant spaceship taking the last survivors of Earth on a generation-spanning voyage to a new planet provides a strong basis for this story, and was a far-sighted and innovative one for the time of its production - another example of the increased sophistication brought to Doctor Who by John Wiles and Donald Tosh. Also of considerable interest is the depiction of the apparently long-established relationship between the human Guardians and their Monoid servants (or should that be...

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